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Slide Ireland

Slide - Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music
The Irish Times calls SLIDE “traditional musicians with attitude" and credits the group with “bringing drawing room grandeur and high spirits together” with it’s diverse songs, which range from soulful and sorrowful to contagiously energetic. Folk Roots Magazine proclaims, ”There’s plenty of action and flamboyance in Slides’s music,” which merges “swagger with traditional expertise.”

This rollicking band’s origins date back to Ireland in 1999, when Slide performed in various pubs for a local music festival in Bandon, Co. Cork. The group’s intoxicating music easily won over the crowd, which demanded more of the unique and colourful sound. The positive reaction inspired Slide to release The Flying Pig, which Irish Music Magaize hailed as “beautifully recorded, to preserve the brilliance and clarity of solo and ensemble playing that is positively mind-blowing.” The publication awarded Slide its Best Newcomer distinction in 2001, leading to gigs for the band throughout Europe.

In its insightful second album Harmonic Motion, Slide celebrates self-exploration and collective innovation in a series of self-penned songs that drew critical appraise. The record showcases a variety of clever arrangements – from sensitive whistle harmonies to driving, high-powered strings – and captivating lyrics that Irish Music Magazine calls “inventive and provocative.” The publication adds, “The melodies and musicianship are first-rate. …[Slide] can sing, they can write, they can dance across fingerboards and piano keys, buttons, and bows, and by crikey they can play.”

The album attracted the attention of renowned Irish talents including Grammy-winning composer Bill Whelan, singers and songwriters Liam Clancy, Damien Dempsey and John Spillane, Danú and the Progressive group Stocktons Wing - who eventually recruited Slide for their own music projects.
In 2005, Slide – which consists of concertina virtuoso Aogán Lynch, fiddler-guitarist Daire Bracken, bouzouki and mandolin player Mick Broderick, pianist-flautist Éamonn de Barra – won the Young Musicwide Award. Developed in 2001 by the Arts Council of Ireland, Young Musicwide encourages young people to pursue professional careers in traditional Irish Music, Chamber Music and Jazz and gives promoters access to the best Irish talents. “Slide successfully combined the qualities of traditional Irish music with contemporary musical ideas. They are exceptionally talented and their music has both grace and power”, said celebrated Irish musician-producer Donal Lunny, who helped judge the competition. Overneath is their third studio album and saw the band hone their creative abilities. It is an exciting addition to Slide’s previous two recordings with receiving great critical acclaim.

Slide have recently been joined by the greatly talented Galwegian, Dave Curley who joined the group for their hugely successful 2008 US Tours. An expanded line up has provided for an even larger live sound with great new additions in songs and dance. For their fourth CD venture Slide bypassed the studio and recorded where their fans are always most excited, live from the stage.


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